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Walt was so Happy we came out...The North and the South at WDW 2008
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Pinky and I not only found the Mirenna / Fiduccia family while in Sicily
November 25th., 2010 and spent Thanksgiving together!
Our trip to Paris,France and Sicily
Josephina, Pinky,Salvina &
Sebastian "Bastiano"Mirenna
Lot's more to come.
Pictures and stories of the Fiduccia / Mienna
blood line. What they're doing today, past history
of births and deaths. Grandpa Fiduccia birth
place, his churches, the olive farm.
PLUS we have all been invited to contact them.
They would love to here from everyone here in
the states!
Can't forget Roberta. Salvina's daughter.
Between Roberta and her mom, Salvina they helped us
Roberta Romanucci from Palermo, Italy arrives at the
Graiber household! The cousin 2011 get-to-gether!
Hayley and Alexis
Roberta and Julie
Pinky, Roberta and Russ
Hayley, Roberta, Devin,
Kendal, Alexis and Payton
Hayley, Roberta, Devin, Kendal,
Alexis and Payton
Hayley, Roberta, Devin,
Kendal, Alexis and Payton
Roberta, Hayley, Kendal and
Alexis...the Gal cousins!
Ted, Alexis, Roberta and Kathy
Payton, Michelle, Devin, Roberta, Mike and Kendal
See more pictures below of
Roberta's visit from Palermo, Italy
and the Sicily Page.
Plans will be to visit Sebastian, Pina, Salvina and Roberta in 2012
James Mills (Illena's husband, Aunt
Veronica, Uncle Peter and Illena
Tree of LIfe
Harry Potter Ride
We all pass this sign
so many times
on route to our Room, it
was worth a picture to remember!
This is the roadmap of the tunnels in Magic
Kingdom. All underground so the customer
is not bothered.
The Railroad Train inside toontown!
Big Thunder Mountain Runaway Train!
June 16th through June 24th Pinky, Julie, Alexis and me ventured off to Disneyworld for another visit
Alexis, won again "Artist of the Day"
Julie saying a prayer to the great ice cream bar!
We had dinner inside these car tables at Prime time
Alex, what are you doing there?
This way to Tower of
Pink, this should last me
all year, I need a straw!
Nothing like Toy Story!
Alexis, get that Gnone!
Alex, won Artist of the Day - First Time!
My kind of Town!
Pressing Pennies!
Alex first winner
Alex second winner
My Scooter
The Biergarten Restaurant entertainment
Old Key West Pool
Roy Disney
The Pirates
Star Wars Vehicle
Julie & Alex playing  FLOOR GAME OF THE FUTURE
Leave a Legacy
Hello from the Streets
of America
View of backyard
Help yourself to Bikes
One of two patio's
Huge Kitchen
Peter Pan ride!
The Dwarfs
The Lands - Growing vegetables without soil!
Emm Good!
View inside the Crystal Palace
The Crystal Palace
Pink getting our check in!
See below for 2011 Disneyworld Trip!
Alex and her
funny face!
Lighting & Mater
Dino-Sue T-Rex
Views in EPCOT
Riverboat Cruise
Streets of America
Hollywood Boulevard
Nothing like Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern
Fantastic Living Room
August 6th at Six Flags
Six Flags - Last time for the 2011 season
They removed the Kids Section and put in the Little Dipper Ride
Alex is so helpful with the kids
Columbia Carousel
This way to a Fun Day
Kendal Won!
Hi Payton!
Kiley and Preston didn't want their picture with Flash!
Just see Mikes back!
Forth from left!
Preston loves the boat ride! All Little Graiber's!!! Where's Devin?
Camp Cartoon!
Uncle Doug and Haley
See August 2011 Six Flags BELOW!
See Alexis in Cheer leading! September - Ted's Page
Nonnie, Kiley and Devin
Coming Oct - Kendal, Payton, Nonnie and Pa at Disneyworld see below!!
Christmas 2011 at the Graiber's
Christmas at the Graiber's 2011
MM Group with Nonnie & Pa
Max celebrates with his Gifts